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The fast, free way to sell cars for cash in Whangarei. Receive instant cash for cars offers with free car removal in Whangarei service included. any make, model or condition.

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Free Car Removal Whangarei

Car Removal for the Great People of Whangarei!

Looking for car removal services within the Whangarei City and its environs? Need some quick cash for your car or truck? Car Removal is here to help you! We ‘re a dynamic, professional, and easy Car Removal Whangarei service provider that accepts vehicles irrespective of their model, make, condition, or year of manufacture. If you have running or non-running cars, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, Buses, 4WDs, RVs, etc., and would like some quick money against them, we’re here for you!

We’ll come to Whangarei Falls and meet you at your point of need as easily as the waters of the Whangarei Falls flip-flop over that cliff into the beautiful natural pool; traverse the volcanic Mount Parihaka and the war memorial to every section of the remains of Maori villages; dash to the Hatea River and its environs, and work our way to the Town Basin amidst its boat-dotted marina with lovely restaurants, shops and galleries to help you with your car or truck removal needs! Our passion is to give you speedy and professional service, regardless of where you are in Whangarei city!

Our Cash for Cars Whangarei Services

Need cash for cars or cash for trucks in Whangarei? We’re the truck removal company or trusted wreckers in Whangarei that will need your need in a manner that is professional and respectful.

Our Car for Cash Whangarei services are available to you irrespective of the corner of Whangarei where your car is located. We’ll come right there and sort out your need in a way that will put a smile on your face. Are you worried about the condition of your car and whether we’ll be interested to buy it? Drop that worry because our Cash for Cars Whangarei will buy your car as it is, and we’ll remove it free of charge.

You can trust us with your sell my car enquiries, as well as other questions relating to your car like, sell my car for cash, sell a scrap car, sell my car fast, sell my broken car, and sell car for cash, scrap my car, among others. Being the fairest car wreckers in Whangarei, our car removals Whangarei services will be very experiential and customized to your unique needs. We’ll evaluate your car and instantly pay you a fair price based on your car’s as-is basis.

Do you want to sell your car that is located in Whangarei today? Are you worried about how much you’ll make out of selling your car? Do not fret. By partnering with us in your scrap my car, sell my car, or car removals Whangarei, you’ve chosen a trusted car removal company that is committed to fairness. We’ll help you and buy your car based on the real-time market rates that are second to no other. Furthermore, we’ll make a memorable experience for you out of your selling of your car. We’ll handle it professionally, fast, and in a way that will make you meet any cash need that you may have quickly.

Cash for Trucks Whangarei

If you’re in Whangarei and have a need that requires the help of a trusted a truck removal company, we’re here to be of service to you! Our cash for trucks service portfolio has exciting components that include broken trucks and running trucks, among other truck conditions.

Truck and Car Removal Whangarei

Car Removal has different aspects of car and truck removal services that are specifically designed to cater for people in Whangarei city. We’re the truck removal company that many people prefer to engage in their cash for trucks, scrap truck removal, cash for scrap trucks, and broken truck removal, among others. Many clients enjoy the professional approach that we stress in our car removal Whangarei, which friendly and driven by the existing circumstances. Our cash for cars Whangarei services will make you keep coming to us whenever you have a car for cash need!

So if you’re considering Toyota removals in Whangarei, truck and scrap car Whangarei services, and Nissan removals in Whangarei, or you have other categories of car and truck removals in Whangarei city and its environs, reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help.

Truck and Car Wreckers Whangarei

Car Removal is also the most sought after company among the truck and car wreckers in Whangarei city. This is because of the human approach that we give to our truck and car wrecking work. You’ll easily find us to be the choice broken truck buyer and the most competitive and fair cash for scrap trucks service provider.

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The Car Removal team is here 24/7 to help you! With our Car Removal Whangarei, Cash for Cars Whangarei, Car Wreckers Whangarei, Scrap Car Buyer Whangarei, Car for Cash Whangarei, Wreckers in Whangarei, Car Wreckers in Whangarei, Whangarei Car Wreckers, Whangarei Car Removal, Car Removals Whangarei, Toyota Wreckers Whangarei, Scrap Car Whangarei, and Nissan Wreckers Whangarei, among others, we are committed to giving you the most professional, efficient, friendly, and timely touch that is second to no other!

Cal us today and speak to a representative of our team! We’re waiting to help you now!


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Service Areas:

Car Removal Auckland

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Auckland today.

Car Removal Northland

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Northland today.

Car Removal Waikato

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Waikato today.

Car Removal Otago

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Otago today.

Step 1

Call 0800 99 55 99 and speak with one of our friendly Car Removal team members.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment with us. We come to you to see the vehicle and confirm ownership and all the paperwork.

Step 3

Once paperwork is done. You'll get paid with your choice of payment method. Cash or bank transfer.

Step 4

Your vehicle will get towed straight away at no addition cost. Our truck drivers are well trained to handle their tasks appropriately.


We buy all makes and models of cars – including Japanese, European and American vehicles. The list of car brands below are some of the most common in New Zealand and the brands that we buy the most of.


Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Cash Will I Get For My Vehicle From Car Removal?

The price we pay is tailored to your car.

You can find out how much your car is worth by telling us what car you've got, and your location. In return, we'll give you an instant, no obligation offer for your scrap or damaged car.

Is The Car Removal Service Free?

Yes, we offer free car removal service anywhere in New Zealand.


Does The Car Have To Be Running?

No, Car Removal will buy cars of any make, model and condition. 

Your car is complete if all minor and major parts are present. Don't worry about the odd missing wheel trim, interior trim, body trim, badge, parcel shelf, aerial, spare wheel or aftermarket audio player, but these should not be excessive in number.

We may ask you whether any parts are missing and if there is any damage. 

After you've got your quote you'll have the opportunity to discuss your quote and provide further details.

What Happens With The Registration?

Vehicle registration plates and tags will be taken out and returned to you for registration cancellation. If some cases, if we take the vehicle with the plates. Change of ownership will be done as soon as the vehicles reaches the yard on our transporter truck.

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