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The fast, free way to sell car for cash in New Zealand. Receive instant cash for cars with free car removal service included. Any make, model or condition.

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Free Car Removals New Zealand

Do you own a vehicle that is damaged or unwanted, sitting around taking up space in your driveway? 

Here at Car Removal, our car removals team will help you remove that junk or unwanted car off your property, free and fast. Not only do we arrange a free car removals service for those kinds of cars but, besides that, we also offer reasonable money in exchange. Our free car removals service areas include all suburbs of AucklandNorthlandWaikato and Otago.

With the largest fleet of transporters / tow trucks, your vehicle will get removed from your driveway, yard or property on the same day. 

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Getting Cash For Car Removals

There are a number of car removals companies that can charge you when removing your wrecked vehicle. Only a few will be able to give you cash for your scrap or smashed cars. Proudly speaking, our company is one of those that will give you top cash for your old car in New Zealand.

We give you a fair offer for all vehicles that are at an end of their life or do not even start and run.

Our price range starts from $250 and can go up to as much as $15,000 for any car. Just let us know the age, make, model and condition of your vehicle. We will give you a free instant evaluation on the car that you no longer need. We promise genuine and unbeatable prices for all customers who live in New Zealand. 

Why Choose Our Car Removals Service

Car Removal offers instant car removals prices. You can find out how much your vehicle is worth within minutes. Either call us on 0800 99 55 99 or use ‘Get a Quote‘ form to get a quick quote. 

We’re committed to getting you the best price for your scrap car. We track the latest rates and compare them to previous months, helping you to scrap your car at the right time.

We are locally owned and experienced with the whole car removalscash for cars and car wrecking industry. With over 10 years of experience, we provide you the easiest and quickest service for any car removals.

We offer a free car removals service. After you’ve got an instant quote for your scrap car, we’ll get in touch to arrange pick-up at a time and place that suits you. Perfect if you’re short on time or your car is no longer roadworthy. 

Contact us today on 0800 99 55 99 for more information, either by phone, or by using the contact form on our website.




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Service Areas:

Car Removal Auckland

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Auckland today.

Car Removal Northland

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Northland today.

Car Removal Waikato

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Waikato today.

Car Removal Otago

Sell your unwanted, junk car or truck with Car Removal Otago today.

Step 1

Call 0800 99 55 99 and speak with one of our friendly Car Removal team members.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment with us. We come to you to see the vehicle and confirm ownership and all the paperwork.

Step 3

Once paperwork is done. You'll get paid with your choice of payment method. Cash or bank transfer.

Step 4

Your vehicle will get towed straight away at no addition cost. Our truck drivers are well trained to handle their tasks appropriately.


We buy all makes and models of cars – including Japanese, European and American vehicles.



Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Cash Will I Get For My Vehicle From Car Removal?

The price we pay is tailored to your car.

You can find out how much your car is worth by telling us what car you've got, and your location. In return, we'll give you an instant, no obligation offer for your scrap or damaged car.

Is The Car Removal Service Free?

Yes, we offer free car removal service anywhere in New Zealand.


Does The Car Have To Be Running?

No, Car Removal will buy cars of any make, model and condition. 

Your car is complete if all minor and major parts are present. Don't worry about the odd missing wheel trim, interior trim, body trim, badge, parcel shelf, aerial, spare wheel or aftermarket audio player, but these should not be excessive in number.

We may ask you whether any parts are missing and if there is any damage. 

After you've got your quote you'll have the opportunity to discuss your quote and provide further details.

What Happens With The Registration?

Vehicle registration plates and tags will be taken out and returned to you for registration cancellation. If some cases, if we take the vehicle with the plates. Change of ownership will be done as soon as the vehicles reaches the yard on our transporter truck.

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