Guide to Deregister a Car in NZ

In New Zealand, the process of deregistering a car is essential when you no longer intend to use it on the road. Whether you’re selling your vehicle, exporting it, or simply retiring it from active use, deregistering your car is a crucial step to avoid legal complications and unnecessary costs.  In this comprehensive guide, we […]

What is the amount wreckers typically offer for cars in New Zealand?

Car wreckers, also known as auto recyclers, specialize in dismantling wrecked cars, salvaging usable parts, and recycling materials, contributing significantly to environmental conservation. When it comes to determining the amount offered for wrecked cars, several factors come into play. In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the world of car wrecking in New Zealand, […]

Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Car for Cash

Are you tired of that old, rusting vehicle taking up space in your garage or driveway? If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of your old car for cash, you’re in the right place. Fortunately, there are numerous avenues available for those looking to sell their used cars for cash or get cash car […]

Benefits of Selling a Unwanted Vehicle for Cash in NZ

In the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, owning a vehicle is a common necessity. Whether it’s for daily commuting or exploring the stunning natural beauty the country has to offer, cars play a significant role in Kiwi life. However, as time goes by, your beloved vehicle may become less reliable, inefficient, or even damaged. When […]

Truck and Car Wreckers Hamilton

car wreckers

Among the car wreckers in Hamilton, Car Removal is the most favoured due to our human approach to truck and car wrecking. We’re the scrap truck and scrap car buyers, as well as the most trusted and friendly truck wreckers and car wreckers In Hamilton, seekers of scrap truck removal and scrap car services prefer to work with us. Compared to […]

Our Trusty Cash for Truck Service

Cash for Truck

Apart from cars, at Car Removal, we also have cash for trucks services in the Hamilton area. Our cash for truck services in the Hamilton area covers the entire Waikato Region. If you have a truck and would like some money in exchange for it, reach out to us today.  Among the truck wreckers Hamilton and truck […]

Free Cash for Cars Hamilton-wide

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Contact us if you are in any part of the Waikato Region of New Zealand’s North Island and want instant cash for your old, abandoned or scrap car. We have exciting Cash for Cars Hamilton deals that will help you save time and skip all the tedious paperwork and processes. Anyone in the wider Waikato Region can […]

Why Choose Our Car Removals Service

Car Removal Whangarei

Car Removal offers unbeatable car removals prices of all makes, models and conditions. Any size of car is accepted by us, no matter the condition. You can find out how much your vehicle is worth within minutes. Either call us on 0800 99 55 99 or use ‘Get a Quote‘ form to get a quick quote.  […]

As easy as 1,2,3!

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Car Removal offers instant car removals prices and same-day removal. You can find out how much your vehicle is worth within minutes. We have made a simple 3-step process to minimise time and maximise your profit.  1 – Contact! – Get in contact with us for a no-obligation, reliable quotation up to $15,000 based on an […]

Process and Paperwork

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No one likes the tedious and exhausting process of selling your car through private sellers. All the inquiries, paperwork and time is something not everyone can afford to go through. Car Removal provides a simple, efficient and satisfactory service that allows you to get the fairest and fastest car removal service.  Our easy three step […]