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The fast, free way to sell truck for cash in New Zealand. Receive instant cash for trucks offers with free truck removal service included. any make, model or condition.

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Cash For Trucks

Are you in need of some quick money and have a truck that you can sell? We have the most competitive cash for trucks rates in Auckland, Hamilton, Whangarei, Northland, Rotorua, Tauranga, Otago, and Queenstown cities. We’ll pay as much as $15000 cash for scrap trucks!

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You Need a Friend

Our cash for trucks service has been a trusted friend to many clients that were in need of cash and wanted a trustworthy broken truck buyer. Our truck wreckers service is unique because it is customized to the situations of our clients.

Right from when you make an enquiry regarding broken truck removal, you’ll encounter a member of our team that is ready and prepared to listen to your story. Our cash for trucks service is established on a value system that is founded on our understanding that any scrap automobile has a story that we endeavor to respect. Our cash for scrap trucks payments are hinged on this understanding.

We know that in your opinion you might perceive your scrap truck as a pile of metal that’s is useless and would like it to stop occupying space in your home or such other place that you had it kept.

You might be wondering how on Earth you’ll ever get rid of the scrap. It is also possible that you’re reflecting on how much money you paid for the truck and how you loved it. This is where truck buyers help you to come to terms with the present state of your truck compared to the good money that you paid for it. You’ll need good friends like us to help you, not just any truck removal company or broken truck buyer! This is because not all truck buyers give a damn about your story with the scrap truck – but we do! Our scrap truck removal and cash for scrap trucks endeavors are not one-size-fits-all. They are customized to your specific contexts and circumstances. This is why we’ll nurture a relationship between you and us even before working out the scrap truck removal modalities. In short, we’ll not talk at each other during the discussions about the scrap truck removal, but rather, we’ll talk with each other.

We Buy All Makes And Models in Any Condition

Auckland Cash for Trucks

If your scrap truck in Auckland, our team that handles our Auckland Cash for Trucks portfolio is ready to walk with you through our cash for trucks modalities until the broken truck removal project is successfully and professionally accomplished. Indeed, our truck buyers in Auckland are already waiting for you to call them so that you can commence the process of the scrap truck removal.

Cash for Trucks in Other New Zealand Cities

Our teams in the other cities in New Zealand, including Hamilton, Whangarei, Northland, Rotorua, Tauranga, Otago, and Queenstown, are also ready to pay you and remove your broken trucks. We’re the only truck removal company that concurrently runs cash for scrap trucks in seven cities of New Zealand. Besides our Auckland Cash for Trucks service, we also have robust and client-focused Hamilton Cash for Trucks, Whangarei Cash for Trucks, Northland Cash for Trucks, Rotorua Cash for Trucks, Tauranga Cash for Trucks, Otago Cash for Trucks, and Queenstown Cash for Trucks services.

How Long Does it Take to Finalize Cash for Trucks Payments/Removal?

Our cash for scrap trucks processes is remarkably fast! We speed up the process because we would like you to have your cash so that you can invest it in other developments or personal growth pursuits. This is why we have adequate resources to rapidly meet our cash for trucks payment obligations.

Why Are You Interested in My Broken Truck?

To you, your broken truck may appear useless. But for a broken track buyer, it may have spare parts that could help another truck owner who is not adequately resourced to purchase brand new spare parts. So, as truck wreckers, we look for any useful spare parts that you scrap truck may have, and extract them for use by potential clients that may need them. The remaining part of the scrap truck is scrapped.

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You can have up to about $15000 today for your broken truck that is occupying your home, yard, or some other storage area. To actualize this, we invite you to make a free no-obligation cash offer for your scrap truck by calling us so that you can get the best cash value for it.




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Step 1

Call 0800 99 55 99 and speak with one of our friendly Car Removal team members.

Step 2

Schedule an appointment with us. We come to you to see the vehicle and confirm ownership and all the paperwork.

Step 3

Once paperwork is done. You'll get paid with your choice of payment method. Cash or bank transfer.

Step 4

Your vehicle will get towed straight away at no addition cost. Our truck drivers are well trained to handle their tasks appropriately.


We buy all makes and models of cars – including Japanese, European and American vehicles.



Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Cash Will I Get For My Vehicle From Car Removal?

The price we pay is tailored to your car.

You can find out how much your car is worth by telling us what car you've got, and your location. In return, we'll give you an instant, no obligation offer for your scrap or damaged car.

Is The Car Removal Service Free?

Yes, we offer free car removal service anywhere in New Zealand.

Does The Car Have To Be Running?

No, Car Removal will buy cars of any make, model and condition.

Your car is complete if all minor and major parts are present. Don't worry about the odd missing wheel trim, interior trim, body trim, badge, parcel shelf, aerial, spare wheel or aftermarket audio player, but these should not be excessive in number.

We may ask you whether any parts are missing and if there is any damage.

After you've got your quote you'll have the opportunity to discuss your quote and provide further details.

What Happens With The Registration?

Vehicle registration plates and tags will be taken out and returned to you for registration cancellation. If some cases, if we take the vehicle with the plates. Change of ownership will be done as soon as the vehicles reaches the yard on our transporter truck.

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